About us

Started in 1998 Barmazel International aims to provide to our customers, through consultation and innovation, complete solutions to their needs in a manner that promotes respect, trust, loyalty and productivity thus establishing a culture of added value.

Providing and maintaining a reputation reflecting service excellence resulting in long term partnership with our customers.

Barmazel International offers a variety of telecommunications and IT services that can be tailored to your business's unique requirements.

Barmazel International offers a low cost, high quality IP based voice telephony service that enables you to make and receive telephone calls to and from customers, partners and suppliers on their landlines of mobile phones, whether they are based locally, nationally or internationally.
With the VoIP solutions we provide carrier grade solutions delivering calls end-to-end over a Next Generation IP network.  The solutions integrates seamlessly with our PABX’s enabling a phased migration to a full IP solution when and if required.

Our highly trained sales staff is capable of advising you on what products would best serve your IT needs from Routers and Switches for your SOHO environment up to enterprise level HP Procure units. Analyzing your environment we are able to assist with copper, fiber and wireless networks.

With the ever growing demand for better, faster more cost effective IT solutions we’ll supply and maintain your IT hardware from Desktop PC’s to Rackmount servers.

In the course of just a few years, a wave of innovations has revolutionized the market for communications solutions: now Voice-over- IP (VOIP) and other recent developments allow small and midsized enterprises to deploy communications technologies that used to be the exclusive privilege of large enterprises.