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We are proud to have serviced the following companies:

Three Cities - Zambia

USN - Midrand

St Albans - Pretoria


Gigaset Family

High-performance cordless telephones for greater freedom of movement

Are you constantly on the move in your company and rarely in your office? With our Gigaset family of cordless handsets, you can make the most of our HiPath communication platforms without being tied to your desk. These handsets don't just offer excellent voice quality and low weight, they also feature interactive user guidance. With the desktop charger cradle, they're always ready, and the rechargeable batteries offer long standby and talk times.

With our Gigaset phones, employees can move freely on your company campus yet can still be reached by customers at any time. That translates into fewer costly return calls as well as better quality of service. To ensure security, the phones operate on a reserved frequency band and use DECT-standard encryption that can be configured in a HiPath system.