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Siemens optiPoint Telephones

Modern Digital and IP telephones - The future is here.


optiPoint 500 Family

Giving you a great choice of digital system telephones

optiPoint 500 familyWith optiPoint 500 you have choices at every turn. The digital models – entry, economy, basic, standard and advance – present in each class all the performance capabilities of today's voice communication terminals: e.g. standard and advance offer full duplex voice quality in hands-free mode, standard USB interface, highest levels of convenience for greater efficiency and an up-to-date ergonomic design.



optiPoint 410 Family

Secure & convenient IP Telephony with no Ifs or Buts

optiPoint 410 familyThe optiPoint 410 IP family of telephones combines tap-proof telephony via voice encryption (SRTP support with optiPoint 410 economy plus V5.1) with an effective authentification mechanism for phones in your corporate network. Its outstanding voice quality thanks to the G.722 Wideband Speech Codec, its consistent user interface and unrestricted access to the entire range of HiPath ComScendo features make telephony easier and more user-friendly than ever before. A wide range of convenient adapters and modules renders this family of telephones singularly flexible. And last but not least, optiPoint 410 guarantees noticeable reductions in overall communication costs. So, what are you waiting for?

optiPoint 410 takes IP telephony to a whole new performance level. It's the ideal solution for enterprises that want to introduce or consolidate modern communication structures and at the same time reduce costs. The optiPoint 410 telephone range is perfect for connection to real-time IP systems such as HiPath 3000, 4000 or 5000. In essence, this is telephony with unparalleled voice quality, made hassle-free and user-friendly by optiGuide, the intuitive user interface. You will quickly feel the full force of this application when you see how CTI speeds up workflow.

The telephones can be powered either from a local source or via Power over Ethernet (PoE) in accordance with the 802.3af standard. The hardware and software platform is open to ensure that future features and VoIP standard protocols, such as the SIP VoIP protocol, can be implemented.



optiPoint 420 Family

Tomorrow's office flexibility, today

optiPoint 420 familyWorkplaces are becoming increasingly mobile - even within a company's premises. Desk sharing brings new, modern and, above all, more flexible office environments. It also means new challenges for communications technology. With the new optiPoint 420 family, Siemens Enterprise Communications offers a particularly flexible solution. Thanks to the new technology for the automatic transfer of key assignments, your own key arrangement is always available to you after logging on – regardless of which optiPoint 420 you are currently phoning from. The function keys of the 420 family feature LEDs, and work like a display, so that paper strips for individual key assignments on telephones are a thing of the past. Courtesy of this “self labeling key” feature, there are no longer any obstacles to innovative workstation concepts like desk-sharing.

The optiPoint 420 models represent a complete family of IP telephones (including an SIP model), from which you can make the optimum choice in terms of costs and function and security. They combine tap-proof telephony via voice encryption (SRTP support with optiPoint 420 economy plus V5.1) with an effective authentification mechanism for phones in your corporate network. Furthermore, innovations like the exceptionally good voice quality, thanks to G.722 Wideband Codec technology, or unrestricted access to all HiPath features and a multitude of convenient adapters and modules, make for even better functionality when making calls. The optional optiPoint display module enables the use of applications such as the Internet WAP browser, voice dialing and Electronic Note Book (ENB), and comprises a large and clear touch screen, which is used like a PDA. This puts easy access to address databases or Web information at your fingertips.