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Solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises

Boost Your Success and Your Flexibility with Open Communications Solutions

In the course of just a few years, a wave of innovations has revolutionized the market for communications solutions: now voice over IP and other recent developments allow small and midsized enterprises to deploy communications technologies that used to be the exclusive privilege of large enterprises.

Siemens Enterprise Communications pioneered the development of communication via the Internet Protocol (IP). Our Open Communications solutions empower small & medium enterprises to render their communication more productive, more cost-effective and more secure.



Siemens HiPath 1100

The perfect fit for small companies

HiPath 1100 is the high performance communications systems family, made up of three models, for companies with up to 40 users. With ADSL broadband access, HiPath 1100 offers the option of tomorrow’s communication technology today. HiPath 1100 meets the communications challenges of small businesses by simplifying communications processes, optimizing team-working and increasing accessibility for customers. The telephone system provides communications without compromise.




Siemens HiPath 2000

The “one box” IP communications system for smaller businesses

HiPath 2000 is perfect for small businesses with up to 30 users, or for branch offices of larger enterprises. It offers everyone fast, easy access to uniform voice and data communications by utilizing your existing IT infrastructure. A cutting-edge solution that optimizes business processes to make everyone more efficient and productive.




HiPath 3000

HiPath 3000 from Siemens offers both traditional, feature-rich telephony and new world IP communications in one flexible, cost-effective solution.
A range of modular communications platforms, this solution is designed to meet the needs of demanding medium-sized companies. It offers a flexible and scaleable approach so you can mix and match a vast range of applications and features, depending on your unique business requirements.

HiPath 3000 Family





Analog Range

With ease of use and sleek award winning design, you can't go wrong with the Siemens ProfiSet and EuroSet range of Handsets. Aimed at the Small/Medium Business, these handsets will cater to your every need.




optiPoint Range

With Telecommunictions becoming more important everyday, the right tools are needed to enhance the productivity of your staff and your company. Siemens offer a range of Digital, IP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) handsets to suit your needs. With ease of use and award winning design you can rest assured that you will have made the correct choice with Siemens optiPoint.




Gigaset Range

High-performance cordless telephones for greater freedom of movement

Are you constantly on the move in your company and rarely in your office? With our Gigaset family of cordless handsets, you can make the most of our HiPath communication platforms without being tied to your desk. These handsets don’t just offer excellent voice quality and low weight, they also feature interactive user guidance. With the desktop charger cradle, they’re always ready, and the rechargeable batteries offer long standby and talk times.





Networking has become a very intergral part of everyday business and life. With the need to exchange vital information with people within your business or across the world via the Internet, no company can afford not to be connected in the correct manner.

We offer our clients the best possible networking equipment to fulfill their business networking needs.
HP Procurve and Netgear Prosafe are two of the world leaders in network communications equipment. Easy to install and intergrate into New or Existing network environments.

Barmazel International has been a market leader in the world of Data Networking for 10 years now. With knowledge in Fiber Optic, Cat6, Cat5e, STP, and FTP cabling we can offer you and your company the best possible solution for your small, large or very large data network.